Bireshwar Sinha

Achievements :

  • Graduated as a BMGF PRERNA Fellow 2014-2018
  • Working as a Scientist and Assistant Director at CHRD SAS, New Delhi since 2019
  • Selected as a DBT/Wellcome IA Early Career Clinical and Public Health Fellow 2020-25
  • Received research grants as an Investigator from various National and International agencies
  • Published >25 articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals
  • Coordinating and Leading research teams as Co-investigator / Principal Investigator
  • Organized National workshops on Epidemiology and International Science meetings


List of Publications(Since 2018) :

1. Early Rollout of ROTAVAC®India Network. Assessment of Risk of Intussusception after Pilot Rollout of Rotavirus Vaccine in the Indian Public Health System. Vaccine 2020

2. Dutta A, More D, Tupaki-Sreepurna A, Sinha B, Goyal N, Rongsen-Chandola T. Typhoid and paratyphoid fever co-infection in children from an urban slum of Delhi. IDCases 2020; 20:e00717.

3. Taneja S, Sinha B, Upadhyay RP, et al. Community initiated kangaroo mother care and early child development in low birth weight infants in India-a randomized controlled trial. BMC Pediatr. 2020;20(1):150.

4. Mazumder S*, Taneja S, Dube B, Bhatia K, Ghosh R, Shekhar M, Sinha B, Bahl R, Martines J, Bhan MK, Sommerfelt H, Bhandari N. Effect of community-initiated kangaroo mother care on survival of infants with low birthweight: a randomised controlled trial. Lancet. 2019

5. Choudhary TS, Sinha B, Khera A, Bhandari N, Chu Y, Jackson B, Walker N, Black RE, Merson M, Bhan MK*. Factors associated with the decline in under-five diarrhea mortality in India: a LiST analysis. Journal of Global Health 2019; 9(2):020804

6. Bhan MK*, Sinha B. Immunisation against influenza in low-income and middle-income countries.The Lancet Global health 2019; 7: e827-e8.

7. Choudhary TS*, Reddy NS, Apte A, Sinha B, Roy S, Nair NP, Sindhu KN, Patil R, Upadhyay RP, Chowdhury R. Delayed vaccination and its predictors among children under 2years in India: Insights from the national family health survey-4. Vaccine. 2019;37(17):2331-9

8. Sinha B, Taneja S, Chowdhury R, Mazumder S, Chandola TS, Upadhyay R, Bhandari N, Bhan MK. Low-birth-weight infants born to short stature mothers are at additional risk of stunting and poor growth velocity – evidence from secondary data analyses. Maternal and Child Nutrition. 2018

9. Goyal N, Rongsen-Chandola T, Sood M, Sinha B, Kumar A, Qazi SA, et al.Management of possible serious bacterial infections in young infants closer to home where referral is not feasible: Lessons from implementation research in Himachal Pradesh, India (submitted to PLOS One)


 Workshop/meeting/Conference since 2018:

Date City Country Name

Jul 2020



CHRD SAS Scientific Program Advisory Committee meeting

11th Oct 2019



Final Self Case Controlled Series Analysis Workshop

9th to 14th Sep 2019



SAS NIBMG research methodology workshop as Academic Coordinator and Instructor

16th Jun to 1st Jul 2019

Houston, Atlanta


Orientation training on Lab methods for detection of viruses, CDC

5th to 12th Jun 2019



CISMAC Meta-analysis workshop, University of Bergen

1st to 3rd May 2019



CHRD TAU idea generation workshop

26th to 28th Mar 2019



11th International Conference on Typhoid and other invasive Salmonelloses (Oral Presentation)

9th Mar 2019



Research Methodology Workshop organized by CHRD-SAS in collaboration with Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (as an Instructor)

Mar 2019



Applied Logistic regression Workshop by STANLEY LEMESHOW

10th to 11th Sep 2018



Workshop on Expert Review meeting on Maternal Immunization

22th to 24th Jan 2018



Assumptions, calculations, and discussion on pilot data for Infant breast milk intake assessment using Stable isotope method

14th to 15th Jan 2018



Indo-US Vaccine Action Programme (VAP)- Epidemiological Preparation for Flavivirus Vaccine Trials