List of Publications (Since 2018):

1. Chowdhury R, Taneja S, Dhabahi N, Mazumder S, Upadhyay R, Sharma S, Sreepurna AT, Dewan R, Mittal P, Chellani H, Bahl R, Bahn MK, Bhandari N. Impact of an integrated nutrition, health, water sanitation and hygiene, psychosocial care and support intervention package delivered during the pre- and peri-conception period and/or during pregnancy and early childhood on linear growth of infants in the first two years of life, birth outcomes and nutritional status of mothers: study protocol of a factorial, individually randomized controlled trial in India. Trials 2020;21:127. (Part of Study group)

Manuscripts under Preparation/Peer review :

1. Diagnostic measures for severe acute malnutrition in Indian infants under 6 months of age: a secondary data analysis submitted in British Journal of Nutrition (under review)

2. Gestational Weight gain and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

3. Catch up growth and its predictors among SGA infants.

Workshop/meeting/Conference since 2018:

Date City Country Name

Jul 2020



SAS SPAC meeting

Jul 2020

Delhi virtual meeting


KnIT SAC meeting

28th May 2020

Delhi (Virtual meeting)


Attended virtual meeting on Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey (CNNS): Online Data Users’ Workshop

29th Apr 2020



Attended webinar on “COVID-19 & Newborn” by WHO, 29th April 2020

May 2019



CHRD-SAS and TAU, Finland Idea generation workshop.

Mar 2019



Still Birth Meeting in Delhi