Rutuja Patil

Achievements :

1. PhD registration at the University of Edinburgh, UK through a competitive process in Global Health with funding

2. A Lancet RM cover story: Patil R. A joyful homecoming. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. Elsevier Ltd; 2018;6(12):904.

 List of publications (since 2017):

3. Patil R, Roy S, Ingole V, Bhattacharjee T, Chaudhary B, Lele P, et al. Profile : Vadu Health and Demographic Surveillance System Pune, India. Journal of global health. 2019;9(1):1–10.

4. Apte A, Patil R, Lele P, Choudhari B, Bhattacharjee T, Bavdekar A, et al. Demographic surveillance over 12 years helps elicit determinants of low birth weights in India. Dandona R, editor. PLOS ONE. 2019 Jul 10;14(7):e0218587.

5. Baviskar V, Patil R, Roy S, Doiphode S, Dhongade A, Juvekar S. Comparison of Immunization Coverage Status Reported through NFHS Coverage Evaluation Survey and HMIS in Maharashtra. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development. 2020;11(1).

6. Pillarisetti A, Ghorpade M, Madhav S, Dhongade A, Roy S, Balakrishnan K, Sambandam S, Patil R, et al. Promoting LPG usage during pregnancy: A pilot study in rural Maharashtra, India. Environment International. 2019;127:540–9.

7. Sanjay Juvekar, Ankita Shrivastava, Rutuja Patil and Shaunak Kulkarni, 2019, Madhavi Prakashan, Pune, Beginners Manual on Anthropometry techniques. ISBN: 978-93-88849-01--2

8. Patil R. A joyful homecoming. The Lancet Respiratsory Medicine. Elsevier Ltd; 2018;6(12):904.

9. Rudan I, Agrawal D, Hussein N, Cheong AT, Cunningham S, DockerellD,……… Patil R et al. Setting research priorities for global respiratory medicine within the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Global Health Research Unit in Respiratory Health (RESPIRE). Journal of Global Health. 2018;8(2).

10. Chauhan NS, Pandey R, Mondal AK, Gupta S, Verma MK, Jain S, Ahmed V, Patil R et al. Western Indian Rural Gut Microbial Diversity in Extreme Prakriti Endo-Phenotypes Reveals Signature Microbes. Frontiers in Microbiology. 2018;9(February):1–12.

11. Patil R, Roy S, Juvekar S. Annapurna-A film on promoting use of LPG in rural India. 8th National Science Film Festival, Vigyan Prasar, 2018.

12. Tiwari, P., Kutum, R., Sethi, T., Shrivastava, A., Girase, B., Aggarwal, S.,Patil R., … Prasher, B. (2017). Recapitulation of Ayurveda constitution types by machine learning of phenotypic traits. PLoS ONE, 12(10), 1–17.

13. Patil, R., Roy, S., &Juvekar, S. (2016). Public – Private Partnership for Providing Quality Health-Care Services in India – Vadu Rural Health Program Experience. The Asian Man, 10(2), 216–221.

14. Patil R,Kekan D, Juvekar S. Effect of Community Level Communication on Community Participation in Public Health Research. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development. 2017;8(4):829.

15. Agarwal, D., Dhotre, D., Patil, R., Shouche, Y., Juvekar, S., & Salvi, S. (2017). Potential of Health and Demographic surveillance system in Asthma and chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Microbiome research. Frontiers in Public Health, 5(August), 1–10.

 Workshop/meeting/Conference since 2018:

Date       Location Event Details

1st Dec  2019

Telemedicine Society of India. Delhi

15th International Telehealth Conference

Presented “Doctor to doctor telehealthcare consultations in Chronic Respiratory Disease management guided by experiences in other diseases: A systematic scoping review

23th to 28th Sep 2019


WHO- PSBI workshop

Participated in Paper writing workshop for drafting the PSBI paper

11th Sep 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Attended and presented an e-poster at RESPIRE ASM

29th Aug 2019

THSTI, Faridabad

Workshop on People centered Clinical trials future

Attended workshop for discussion on involving the community in research

26th Jul 2019

TERI, Delhi

Policy recommendation workshop on PMUY 2.0

Discussions on recommendations for the PMUY 2.0

11th Jul 2019

British High Commission, Chennai

Roundtable meting with Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)

Discussions with the DHSC on challenges faced when carrying out research in the local context and thoughts on sustaining impact.

13th May 2019

NIRRH, Parel Mumbai

NIRRH research methods workshop

Training assistant for conducting a half day training on qualitative research methods

Oct 2018


Training on epidemiology and research methods by Dr. JP Muliyil

Organized by KEMHRC Pune for PRERNA YIs

23th Aug 2018

KEM Hospital Research Centre, Pune.

Good Financial Grant Practice (GFGP)

Organised by NIHR-RESPIRE

Aug 2018


Cochrane’s course on conducting Systematic review


Jul- Aug 2018


Data handling, management and analysis

Webinars by Saving Brains Grand Challenges Canada on various topics

May 2018



Organized by NIHR RESPIRE Unit for all RESPIRE partners. Attended and presented proposed PhD work at the meeting

Apr- Jul 2018

Edinburgh, U.K.

Telemedicine and Telehealth

As part of PhD coursework

Apr- Jul 2018

Edinburgh, U.K.

Business of eHealth

As part of PhD coursework

Apr- Jul 2018

Edinburgh, U.K.

Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

As part of PhD coursework

Apr- Jul 2018

Edinburgh, U.K.

Public Policy for Health

As part of PhD coursework

Mar 2018

Edinburgh, U.K.

PhD Induction program

As part of PhD coursework